Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farm Country

I had a wonderful lunch with my mother, in her home in Fleetwood today. She served up a local specialty, apple dumplings. It's been an apple-y week. Funny how we hunger for those things that come into season. It was good to spend a little time together catching up.
Mom has been crocheting her heart out for the annual church bazaar. She donates her work every year. Mom's hands are always busy, and you can see how the years have bent them to their activities. We compared fingers today; mine are just starting to change, but I will follow in her footsteps. We wear our pasts. These old bodies tell a story.
When we were still teaching, I had a group of drawing students that were working on skeletal drawings. They were disinterested until we talked about the fact that our bones can tell the stories of our lives; a fracture, a bent bone, a calcium deposit; forensic anthropology would be a fascinating field. The students drew with more interest after that talk.
I stopped at Renninger's on the way home. The photo above is deceptive; only the indoor market is open now. While it was fun to look at everything, my only purchases were a jug of cider and a small antique primer which I'll donate to the Heller Homestead. The owner signed the back of the book. Their name was Wasser. I'm sure there were Wassers in Wassergass. The cider is unpasteurized. I'm more interested in unpasteurized products lately, as I'm convinced that the local bacteria are more beneficial than harmful. Besides, if I should happen to want hard cider, this is the way to go. ;)
Home again, then off to the farm to milk. Goats don't go away if you're busy. They always bring me home.

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