Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AROS#15: Earl

Good blues,
And my fingers are strumming
On the steering wheel;
NPR has Chris Smithers at Godfrey’s,

I remember
Drinking wine there
Rocking along; catching his eye,
In that small, warm space,
Drunk and horny;
A lifetime ago.

As I drive through the parkway tonight,
Posh houses alight
With HD TVs and game rooms,
Leftover Christmas lights,
Driveway LEDs,

I know you are listening to the
Trout breathe; damp, green breath.
Those last, hardy spiders in your hair;
Your beard keeps your chin warm.
Toes bundled in socks
That you put on in November.

Burrowed deep,
The mice keep you company
In your free, 25th winter,

1 comment:

  1. "The mice keep you company".......
    I adore that! :)

    Worry not about anything beaded....the Capra blanket is ceremonial in nature and will be worn at the Yule event only while Darla is supervised. ;) (Although gots ARE very sneaky so I'll be sure to sew everything on tight!)

    I really am so excited about this project.....it gives me a warm feeling that so much energy is going to always be in that blanket to pass down, hopefully for years to come........

    Keep writing...I love reading...and I'm glad we met.....