Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A River of Stones, Day 1, On Students

On Students:
Making, and smiling, and laughing together, fair hair straying from clips and sweaters askew; they are perfect, and perfectly self conscious, every nerve on fire, every glance a jagged edge.  I was them, a lifetime ago.  They don’t know what it is to be me yet, a stranger in paradise, a sojourner in places they wouldn’t think to go, but I know what it was to be like them; they will find their own countries to inhabit, in the ripeness of time. But today, they are looking in mirrors, putting on lip gloss, singing love songs to themselves and chewing gum.  They are hungry, and new, my students, my reminders, my hope.

For information about the "River of Stones" project, read here. My thanks to The Goat Borrower for the link.



  1. I'm soooo happy you are doing this!
    I'm having such fun with it!
    Hurrah for words! (and goats!)

    Have a lovely and creative day!

  2. Glad you can join us! If you label your posts with 'aros' they'll appear on the River (http://ariverofstones.blogspot.com/p/river-of-stones.html) and I've added you to the blogroll too. If you'd like email updates do email me at fiona@fionarobyn.com (and tell me which is your blog). Happy New Year! Warmest, Fiona