Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

Happy New Year!   We brought a treat of cabbage to the girls on the farm today, for good luck.  They nearly rioted for it.  Those pregnant ladies are ravenous!  They're building their babies rapidly now; you can see that they're carrying a wonderful load.

Miss Faith had some manners.

Dolly looks like she's carrying triplets! 
 Since the goats were bred through the month of October, they could begin to deliver anytime from the first week of March until the last week or so of March.  It looks like they should go sooner, doesn't it?  Dolly is one of the older goats, and an excellent breeder.  She always carries heavy like this, and retains a bit of a belly throughout the year.  I can relate, at least to the "rest of the year" part!

Faith and a friend enjoying lunch.
 On the way to the farm, I spotted a tree full of oyster mushrooms.  Can you believe that?  On January 1st, after all that freezing weather?  They were pretty dry, but still firm and insect free, so I picked them and will finish dehydrating them at home.  Score!

Naturally dehydrated oyster mushrooms!

A close-up of the gills
The picture above is of the bottom side of the largest mushroom.  Beautiful, isn't it?  They smell almost as good as earlier specimens.  Oyster mushrooms always smell rich and buttery to me.  They are one of Nature's many gifts.   And today felt like a real bonus!  Happy New Year!

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  1. But admit it.....don't you love when goats riot?
    Makes you feel loved! Their wee heads pop up when they see you coming and nothin' but goat lovin' after that! :)

    Can't wait for your babies!