Thursday, January 13, 2011

AROS# 10: Gone


You both occupied your space confidently.

I still see you
In the middle of the high school stage, on my back steps,
And sitting on your rooming house bed, each time with
A guitar in your arms, brown eyes half closed;
Your full lipped smile kissed my best friend
Not me,
Though you hugs were generous.

The West swallowed you whole.

Gone at 45.
A congenital heartbreak.

And you, my friend;
Dancing in the waves,
Carving, surfing;

You were too beautiful for me.

Your long bones, elegant; held a deadly secret.
My touchstone.
My wings.
You stayed ten years longer,
And fought the good fight, a graceful loser.

You left the world a paler place.
The mermaids miss you.

Where are you now?
An ache in my chest;
A memory.
A smile.


I dream you both alive

 And wonder. 


  1. That is so incredibly beautiful......
    "The mermaids miss you..." I like that......

    Have a lovely day full of lovely stones.......

  2. this is moving, your descriptions make me feel as if I knew them...

  3. Thank you both. Life is so sweet and short.