Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rescue Cats

This boy, who is admittedly no longer MY cat, but my HUSBAND'S cat, was sprung from the slammer shelter about 4 years ago. I visited him no less that 4 times before bringing him home.  What were his endearing qualities?  His purr was one of them.  The other was his fur.  I have never seen fur like it; it's as thick as velvet where it's short, like his paws, and is two distinct lengths on his body. His gray-on-gray coat and my husband's babyhood in Haiti gave him his name: Gris-Gris (pronounced gree-gree). His belly, a loose pouch of soft flesh, is a buff color, with long, soft hair. He's beautiful.

Winter Nap

Gris is not gray in his personality, however; he's black and white, fire and ice.  I have never known a moodier cat.  The SPCA handlers tried to talk me out of adopting him, but his purr, which sounds like a dove call punctuated by hiccups, seduced me.  Peter wasn't convinced either, but the little manipulater has won him over; every morning, after I feed the cats (first, of course!) and get myself ready for work, I return to the bedroom to find Gris in my place, purring his brains out next to my husband.  Gris has a happy, forever home with us, bipolar cat or not.  His adopted brother, Hobie (who is a freecycled cat) is mellow enough and large enough to take his moods in stride.  Hobie, who suffers from a permanently blocked tear duct due to kittenhood infections, has no voice, so Gris speaks for him.  Whenever I'm in the kitchen, I'll hear Gris' plaintive cries, and look down to see him sitting on his haunches like a dog with his front paws raised and curled downward, begging.  Hobie just pantomimes his meows, and looks at me; teamwork. Who could resist?  I'll tell Hobie's story another day. He's a happy teddy-bear of a cat. They're both getting fat from yummies.

Full Extension

I am committed to adopting adult cats rather than kittens; there are just so many good cats that need homes.  And moody cats, like Gris-Gris, too. ;)  And there's nothing like a warm cat on a cold day to make you feel all cozy inside.

Velvet Paws

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