Friday, February 4, 2011


This conference has become my new mid-winter ray of sunshine.  Despite the blizzard that stranded me here last year, and despite the impending Saturday snowstorm this year, I look forward to PASA to give me hope (and ideas, energy, and a righteous indignation) for the following year.

Out keynote speaker this morning, Wes Jackson, might as well have been in a pulpit, as far as my spiritual beliefs are concerned.  A beautiful blend of science, history, philosophy, poetry, biology and spirituality went into his talk on the evolution of our current state as carbon consumers, with realistically non-optimistic (but hopeful) overtones.  Read the book, or buy the CD of his lecture from PASA; Jackson spoke to my understanding of life as we know it on our planet, without denial or romanticization.  We were in tears when he finished.  His book, Consulting the Genius of the Place like many current writings in post-modern ideology, speaks to the individual voice, the small voice, as it  is expressed in the bigger picture; more on this as I continue reading.

That, my friends, seems to be the pervasive theme; we are individuals who are empowered to create change in a time of global change.  And though i have much more to say on the matter, I had 5 hours of sleep last night, and did so much
stay tuned for more

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