Friday, February 25, 2011

Jazzie Has Milk

I know, I those of you who aren't as emotionally invested in the goat herd at Flint Hill Farm as I am, Jazzie's expanding udder may not be earth shattering news; however, for those of us on kid watch 2011, it means that our new kids are imminent.  To illustrate that fact, I took several pictures in the barn last evening while I was feeding the girls.  Here are a few:

Dolly is HUGE, as usual. For a goat with one teat, she sure makes lots of good babies.

The Three Graces

The "Other" Three Graces, on the left, by Botticelli

Wide loads: Dolly and Doe

The Arnolfini Wedding, by Jan van Eyck
I took a few shots of Jazzie and her gang of Queens, but they weren't properly focused. I'll catch up with them later.
Andy Warhol's Queen painting
Queen Dolly

On the other hand, our bovine sisters are enjoying a little mid-lactation cycle peace and plenty.  Here's a clip of Buttercup, performing her afternoon lip-massage.  I hope you find it as humorous as I do!  Happy Friday!

Memories of Last Summer.  Now THAT'S a rack!

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  1. are brilliant, luv!
    I adore the Three Graces! And Botticelli's no slouch either! ;)

    Sending positive energy your way for Kid Watch ''s a beautiful time......!

    Have a lovely day-
    Can't wait for pics!