Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Third: Happy Birthday!

A Toggenberg kid; mom wasn't ready...but baby is doing fine.

This baby is weak.  But so beautiful.

Big sister "Frisky", sound asleep

Frieda and Frisky, Toggenbergs

Dolly's kids.  We lost one of the triplets; no wonder she was huge! 

Dolly's kids, up and bouncing!

Dolly cafe'


"Lambie Jammies": look them up on Mondays with Martok (on my links).  They're saving our kids in this cold spell.



  1. Saw your post on the Goat Borrower. Stay strong little one...sending love and healthy goat vibes from my little goats to yours.

  2. Thank you, Claire. Freda is being watched over by her gusrdisn uncle, Hobie the cat. We're all loving her well...I hope...

  3. "guardian"; my eyes are blurring; quite tired right now.

  4. Oh, lovie......your bliss picture says it all......

    If love can send strength your goaties will be the strongest of all.......

    Sending all my energy for you to use on these precious wee ones.

    Can't wait to watch them grow!

    (And Lambie cool is THAT?!)

    loving you big right now.......
    and sending you goatie hugs.....

    Keep us informed!


  5. Morning to you as well!

    Just catching up with your second post!

    Snuzzles to Miss Freida!
    We are all waiting for pics!!!!!


  6. Miss Frieda is gong to be seen by Miss Kathy today; she has a rattle in her lungs that might need some antibiotics. Hoping for the best...

  7. She will do well.
    Everyone knows that goats raised with love in a laundry basket are the strongest goats ever!

  8. She did as well as she could do. She's returned to the cosmic soup now; she left us between 1 and 6 AM. Gently, sweetly. Hobie gave up his post when she died.