Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ladies in Waiting

It's a race to the finish!  Who will deliver first?  Last year, it was Pebbles; she delivered both first AND 4th (with two days between deliveries!).  By my estimations, and with a little luck, Miss Faith may have been in contact with her handsome buck a day or two before the rest of the herd had their trysts with Herve and George, but that doesn't mean she was an easy date. It'll be a race to the finish, but my money's on our older, more experienced girls.  They always warm up to the boys first.  You know what they say about older women.
Big Bellies Need Big Dinners
 These 4 ladies are contenders.  Jazzy (in the foreground) just LOVES Herve!  And Blossom and Daisy are both as big as houses.  I'm not sure if Rosie (rear, right) was one of the first "dates" or not...
Gestating; Dolly Carries Low
Dolly is always a contender.  And she has some pretty kids.  That's Pebbles next to her.  Wide load.
Cover Girl
Gazelle (in the feed bin) is shy.  She won't be first.  You never know with Bambi or Claire, though.  Clair is a flirt.  I've seen her wag her tail at the boys.  Like mother, like daughter!  Bambi taught her well.

Faith is ALWAYS Svelte, Even Expecting! She's a Princess.
But I'm still hoping for Faith to be the winner.  AND I'm hoping for twins this year!  Keep your fingers crossed!  There's no sign of spring more wonderful than new-born kids!

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