Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Times, They Are 'A Changing

If you were wondering about the change in my header photo, you're about to get your answer.  What you see is the blacksmith shop at Flint Hill Farm.  What we're considering is converting it to an apartment and moving in.  There are many details to work out, including selling our home and installing plumbing(!), but I've always had a dream of living simply like this, and the farm is one of my favorite places.  The timing is perfect.  I'll keep you updated on our thoughts and plans as they emerge.

In the mean time, I'm enjoying a bountiful summer. Last night I tried an awesome recipe that turns humble turnips and kohlrabi into a delectable meal (and I'm not a huge fan of cooked turnips!).  It's from "Local Flavors", by Deborah Madison.  I love this book; the photography is stunning, and the recipes are great. This recipe is called "Market Ragout of Turnips, Kohlrabi and Peas". I suggest you buy the book, but if you're interested in the details, just drop me a line.  The ingredients (in addition to the vegetables already mentioned) include spinach (I used kale), fresh thyme, basil, butter and creme fraiche (aka sour cream).  Delish.

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