Monday, June 14, 2010

If I Could Talk to the Animals

Just imagine it!

Well, why not?  They talk to me; not in words, of course, unless you count the words they share in their native language...but there's no mistake about the message Daisy was giving me HERE.

They communicate with us at every opportunity.  We just need to listen the way they do: with both our ears AND our eyes.  Take Macy, for instance:

If that isn't her "I'm beautiful" smile, I don't know what it is!

And Miss Faith:
Aloof royalty.  Can't you see it?

One of the milking goats, Miss Pebbles, mutters to me under her breath every time she comes to the milking stand.  It's the same sort of low voice the goats use with their kids; catching up...sharing news.  Pebbles and I are tight. She tells me the latest gossip. The gossip often involves cows.

"What are YOU looking at?"

OK, that one isn't really communication; but this one is:

LOL! Life's funny!
Just ask Hobie...

Or Elvis, with his sardonic grin. Life's funny. You ought to hear what he says to the does when he's in rut!  It's scandalous!
The animals will tell you all sorts of things...if you know how to listen.

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