Saturday, June 12, 2010

News on the Home Front

Well, it's ALMOST HOME....

The Green Roof has been installed at Flint Hill Farm.  WooHoo!  They carted bags of soil up there, and I hear they're planting some sort of sedum.  I think I may try something similar on my shed next year, but mine will be edible.  If you're going to water it, it ought to produce...right?  More on this as I learn more about it.

My Grandsons
These boys, along with Peter and me, helped spread a newspaper walk throughout my garden.  They played in the hay, cuddled goat kids, helped unload a truck, took apart a PlayStation and put it back together again, looked at the stars with binoculars, set up a tent and took it down again, and made smores on the deck before bed.  The little one, Trevor, read himself to sleep.  Jared fell asleep watching a movie.  Peter and I collapsed as soon as we were able. To wake up at 5 AM for a scared kid...hoot owl.  Etc.

Grand kids...I love them.  But now, I'm tired. 

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