Friday, June 11, 2010

Generous Garden

It's Growing!
Last night, I enjoyed a dinner that was primarily provided by my garden at Flint Hill, and the animal products from the same acreage.  Now THAT'S local!  The only additions I made were a frozen crust (I don't have time to make my own right now), a handful of chopped ham, 2 carrots, pepper and salt. I also added a handful of chopped scapes that I picked up at a farmstand on Monday.
Baby Rutabaga
My garden provided kohlrabi, rutabagas, spinach and lettuce.  What I made were two spinach, scape and ham quiches with a mixture of goat and cow cheese, 4 farm-fresh eggs and seasonings.  I also made a kohlrabi and baby rutabaga bake with two carrots and scapes; this took up the last of the custard I had leftover from the quiche.  I'll most likely freeze it, unless we eat it for dinner tonight. Salad on the side.
Collard Greens

We each had a had mojito garnished with our own mint to wash down dinner and to calm our spirits; work has been a little tense lately.  Thank goodness for the garden and goats!

Two sprigs of catnip provided the entertainment, compliments of the cats; dinner and a show! Life is good. You just have to know where to find it.

* Addendum: I just encountered a GREAT idea for a winter solstice (!!! It's relevant to summer gardening, I promise!) meal on this blog post: Check it out!  Reserve a corner of your freezer; I predict it's going to become a winter go-to ritual in my household!

Squash, Lettuce and Cucumbers

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