Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Do You Think They Think About?

That's what the young man (11-ish) asked me today when he helped me feed the goats.  Preceeded by "What do they do in their spare time?".  I told him they chewed their cuds.  He wondered about their thoughts then.  Politics? (no).  Stock market?  (why?)  I decided upon philosophy.  Spirituality.  Poetry. I told him that they contemplated the meaning of life.

     They have calm times, and active times.  Much like us.  They rely upon us to take care of them, and so can focus their energies on higher thoughts.

Like interspecies relationships...even if they're much bigger, stronger, and harder. Kids are kids, regardless.  Goats know that.  Boy kids are bold, even if they're little.

Even very small boy kids.  Who will eventually be ravenously hungry.  

They are beautiful.

And Funny. 

And bring me peace.

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