Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fifteen Minutes of Spring

We arrived home early this afternoon to open blossoms on the pear trees, fully blooming tulips, and 88 degree weather.  It seems that when we left for the Poconos, we took the springtime weather with us.  Summer came when we were away!

I believe that yesterday was my favorite day away.  We saddled up the Miata and took a ride north with the top down.  Though we had no particular destination, we did make our way to Hickory Run, a beautiful State Park. We drove for what seemed like miles on a dirt road (*note to self: dirt roads and convertibles are NOT a good idea),to find the amazing boulder field you see below:

 The boulder field is a National Natural Landmark.  It should be; it's amazing.
We also stopped at the Francis E. Walter Dam, at the head of the Lehigh River.  Our dear friend John, who passed away 2 years ago, was instrumental in convincing the Army Corp of Engineers to raise the level of the dam in order to insure more stable levels for the fish and environment, and weekly releases for the recreational boaters and fishermen.  I took this picture (below) for him; I hope that somehow he knows he was successful.

Notice the road that disappears into the water and reemerges on the other side?  That road was the reason the dam was kept low for so many years.  It's obviously closed now.  ;)

I have to say that one of the best things about going away for a few days is coming home again.  It reminds us of how good familiarity can feel.  I was happy to return to my cats and plants, to my garden and my spot on the couch.  Though my wonderful neighbor had taken great care of everything for us, I missed our furry kids and my newly sprouted herbs.  I'll be back to work tomorrow, refreshed and ready to face the long spring session ahead of us. 

My next challenges: Spring Open House at Flint Hill on the 17th, and starting my garden plot at the farm!  Hooray!!!!

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