Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pocono Herbs

Though I had no access to goats while I was away (and missed them terribly!) I did take a few pictures of wild herbs I recognized while we were walking.  A few follow:
First, Ground Pine.  I first encountered this plant in the woods of Woodchoppertown, PA, in the 60's. It's alive and well at Hickory Run State Park. 
There were many healthy patches of Coltsfoot, which I only identified for the first time last week at the Hellertown Reservoir.  You can tell it's not dandelion by its early blossom, its textural stem, and its leaf shape.
Thistle.  I'm just beginning to realize just how many varieties of thistle exist.  I can't pretend to know which one this is.  Apparently Milk Thistle is a wonder-herb.  More research is certainly necessary.

I believe this one might be Cleavers. The tea is a good diuretic.

Pretty and prolific Wintergreen, a tonic and mild pain killer (it contains salicylic acid, just like aspirin. So does willow, which I've been using for headaches for a month or two now).

There were more, of course, but these were the most familiar.  It was a lush and verdant place, and a most excellent way to spend a spring afternoon. 

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