Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the Wild Side

I want to preface this with a warning:  BE SURE BEFORE YOU TASTE.  That being said, after extensive web searches, conversations, book references, etc., with many assurances that this was an easy beginner's mushroom", I marinated and ate my first slices of Dryad's Saddle today.
I took a walk on the wild side.
Steve Brill led me.  At least in spirit.

Now, any day I can experience something new and exciting, particularly something wholesome and earth-friendly or at least without regrets, is a good day.  I'm in the second half of my life.  That stuff is rare.
Today was a good day.

Dryad's Saddles sure can't compare to morels.  Whoever decided they were edible was desperate.  The edges are ok...they take on the flavor of the marinade, with the usual mushroom texture.  But look at the picture: those are teeth marks.  If I ever go missing, you can use this image to identify my remains  (too much "Bones" on TV.  I love it.)
That won't be anytime soon, though, as I survived the great Dryad's Saddle experiment.
You still can't beat morels.  Never.  No-How.
(Thanks, Stephanie and Mike.  I hope I can reciprocate!)

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