Friday, April 2, 2010


Allentown City Ordinance:
A. Wild or Exotic Animals Prohibited No person shall keep a wild or exotic animal in any place other than a zoological park, veterinary hospital or clinic, humane society, or circus, sideshow, amusement show or facility used for educational or scientific purposes, which provides proper cages, fences and other protective devices adequate to prevent such animal from escaping or injuring the public.
B. Sale, Exchange, Adoption, Exchange or Transfer of Wild or Exotic Animals Prohibited No person shall sell, offer for sale, adoption, exchange or transfer, with or without charge any wild or exotic animal. This section is not intended to apply to persons owning or possessing wild or exotic animals prior to the passage of this article provided that the person or persons taking possession of such wild or exotic animal following said sale, adoption, exchange or transfer is/are not a resident of the City of Allentown.
C. Keeping Farm Animals Prohibited It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any cattle, swine, sheep, goats or fowl in the City except at such places as are provided for slaughtering or laboratory purposes. This provision is not intended to apply to the Lehigh County Agricultural Society and its activities at the Allentown Fair.
D. Disposition and Impoundment Any person who keeps a wild or exotic animal or prohibited farm animal in contravention of this article may dispose of the animal by removal of the animal from the City or by giving the animal to the City Official. The City Official is authorized to release the animal to the wild, to a zoological park, or to dispose of the animal in some humane manner. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME???)
I protest! My neighbors used to have a Saint Bernard. Murphy was a huge, lovable guy, but boy, could he “compost”. Thankfully, my neighbors were meticulously clean, and his contributions were cleaned up daily. He weighed about the same as a larger adult goat. Murphy, being a canine, was legal. Now, goats can help keep your lawn trimmed, provide milk, and are intelligent, social animals…and their “compost” comes in tidy little pellets. My pretty girl Faith can’t come home with me, and neither can any of the babies. Caprine is ALMOST spelled like canine...goats can be house broken; it’s a documented fact. They’re intelligent and social. Saint Bernards have puppies if you breed them, too. They’re allowed to live in Allentown. Why can’t I do as I like inside my own home? Where’s the justice? This ordinance is SPECIEST! I protest! PREJUDICE!!!!!

Supermodels don't drool.


  1. You know I tend to agree with you - I wish I could have a couple of chickens for eggs and a goat to mow my lawn for me. But on the other hand, years ago I had a neighbor in Charlottesville who I assume had a chicken coop, because this neighbor also had several roosters. They were loud, and annoying, and I lived in the middle of downtown. Farm animals and population density just don't always mix!

  2. Hi Sandy-

    Came across this posting while doing some Allentown zoning research on chickens. Did you ever try to change the ordinance? I've always dreamed of owning my own chickens and I think now is as good a time as any.