Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walking the....Goat!

Faith on a Walk

My little girl is enjoying her quality time on the leash, though I suspect it's mainly because she gets to nibble on all of the best weeds when we're out. She particularly enjoys poison ivy. I believe that subject is explored in the book "Never Kiss Your Goat on the Lips", though I haven't actually read it.  It's on my list!

By the way: poison ivy apparently gives Faith a little...ummm...gas.  She's not in the least bit self conscious about it, either.  As we were passing the barn, where there were a few people standing around, chatting, she relieved herself...loudly.  I was hoping they didn't think it was me!  Silly goat.

She's very nervous around Alfie the pot-bellied pig, and Micah the German Shepherd, but otherwise does well.  The horses don't seem to bother her, and she actually enjoys greeting people!  And when I return her to the herd, she always seems so proud of herself.  She always looks up for praise (or treats!) before I unclip her collar.

My goal is to get her to ride in the truck...then to take her through a fast-food drive through.  I'll bet THAT would give her gas! I'd also love to take her to school.  We'll see!

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