Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 Simple Goals Update

Well, it's been a week since I set my 4 Simple Goals, so I decided to check in for an update.  Since I'll be returning to work in two days, I think I'll do my updates on the weekend from now on, as that's when I'll have the most time, but today is still mine, so here I am!

1. Create a pretty office/sitting room in the front sunroom (which is currently a junk room). Reward: decorating it after the junk is gone!

---Progress: I sorted and donated an entire truckload of junk from the front room,  though there is still a daunting amount of "stuff" to go through.  Everyone needs a hobby, right?  And I have until the end of December...

2. Spend some "me-time" in my classroom every afternoon (except Wednesdays; grad class), just getting my head back on straight. Reward: increased peace of mind.
Shiny and Clean.  That will CHANGE!

----Progress: I visited my classroom yesterday with my grandson, and it's beautifully clean and just waiting to be put back in order.  I'm looking forward to some time in there.  School begins for teachers on Thursday, so I'll be making my move then.  Just look at my desk!  It's piled high with art supplies!

3. Take Faith (my goat) on leash walks as often as possible after milking, and eventually get her used to the truck. Reward: an eventual road trip with her!

---No Progress: It has been raining every day I've been at the farm to milk, with the exception of the day I delivered our calf and was covered with amniotic fluid (yuck).  Poor Faith also had a run-in with a goaty someone in her herd, and that baaaaad goat pulled the metal tag from her ear, so she has a wound we're watching.  I'll be back over there tomorrow afternoon; maybe I'll get a chance to walk her then.

4. Thoroughly clean at least one space in the house weekly. Reward: redecorate the bathroom, as a Christmas present to myself (tiles, paint, curtains; the whole shebang).

----Progress: I made the bathroom shine!  Spotless, I tell you.  Also put away the mountain of stuff in my studio and set up a study area for my grad class. 

Soooo...this week, I'm 3 for 4.  Room for improvement, but not too shabby.  Yay goals!

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