Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank You, Alice.

Alice (front-right) and her Family, at Goschenhoppen
Suppose you did a small kindness 34 years ago, and forgot all about it?  And suppose that kindness meant so much to the person you helped that they never forgot it?  And suppose that the person you helped decided to do the same as often as was possible for her.

"Paying it forward" wasn't trendy in 1975, Alice, but that's what you did.  We were 18 years old, and had gone to high school together. You came to my door during one of the most desperate and frightening times in my life, carrying a bag of groceries.  I had been living on rice and tea.  Somehow, you knew.  You had given me a ride home from Kutztown University, that first semester away from home, before I had to drop out.  You came again, on your own...with a gift.

Thank you, Alice.  I finally did get back to college, and like you, I'm teaching art. I found happiness and stability in my life. I've been doing what I can to feed hungry people ever since; your kindness has multiplied through me, and I hope mine will do the same.  One kindness...34 years ago...has made a world of difference.

Thank you.

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