Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Busy.

We're in the process of weaning at the farm.  Poor babies are crying for their mothers; the does show both concern and relief; they're like good mommas who are very happy to give over the kids to grandma for a weekend.  All that nursing, and being climbed on; kids (literally) bouncing off the walls...and the incessant questions... (do you remember, human mothers?)  They'll all be fine.  The seasoned does go out to graze, come back in and hear the crying kids, give a bleat or two and nod off for the night.  The new moms are a little more distressed.

We all have to learn to let go.

In the mean time, I'm collecting gallons of milk.  The girls are producing like crazy.  Last year, we had a coccidia problem to deal with.  This year. we're on new pasture, and the does are healthy and happy.   The seasoned does jump right on the stand to be milked (and enjoy a private grain dinner); the new moms need some persuasion (aka lifting).  I have to laugh; my colleagues go to "Curves".  I press goats.

I spend at least two hours a night right now...AFTER teaching all day...with my goats.  I want to make art, clean my house, grow my garden, and cook good dinners.  And I want to help my mom and my daughter, and drink some wine with my husband and friends, and read.  I'm doing most of small doses.  EXCEPT for the cleaning part; and the dinners have been fancy salads  And the reading has been abbreviated...but summer will come, and I have a wonderful; young helper for the house (thank you, Jes!), and my husband has been busy too.  Life goes on.  I satisfied the art-making urge; the new header art is one of the results; I'm beginning a pastel unit with my drawing students.  That was my "demo".  Here's my in-process demo; I explain as I draw.

Such wonderful subject matter; the young man who was holding this kid (and who assisted along with me and Kathy in his delivery; he was a "miracle kid", born after a badly positioned kid who we lost; momma survived) will be a veterinarian someday.  If this drawing is successful, I'll give it to him when he graduates.  (That's a promise, Cory.)  There's such passion in animal husbandry.  I hope I express that in my drawing and blogs.

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