Friday, May 14, 2010

Goaty Updates

This drawing is finished...and promised.  Cory's hands; the hands of a future veterinarian.  This little buckling was born after his sibling was extracted from his mother; she (the doeling) had a twisted neck, and we lost her, and nearly lost them all.  After that terrible delivery, this little boy was delivered and breathed into life by Kathy. Cory was one of the three of us who assisted.  It was an intense and moving experience.  He's such a gentle soul.

And now, a riddle for you.  When is a horse-trailer NOT a horse trailer?

Any thoughts on the matter?

Need a hint?'s not a hint, it's an answer.  When it's a milking stall, of course.  You should hear it in a hail storm!  WOW!  But the girls are doing fine with their new digs.

Tomorrow, after I deliver breakfast to Earl, I'm planning on harvesting stinging nettle from the Parkway.  Wish me (and my hands!) luck!

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