Monday, December 28, 2009


4 AM: Tossing and turning. The only thing going through my mind is the project I hope to introduce to my students today. I have several who are adrift, and I think I can interest them in something that has caught my interest. And no, it's not the project you see here. I'll explain that later.
7 PM: I am watching Julie and Julia. I am thoroughly enjoying this movie, and I'm moved to order "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", having read "Julie and Julia" a few years ago. I'm interested in series lately. Series of days. Series of blogs. Documenting change and growth.
Yesterday I found a few minutes to look over my newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Awesome. Always awesome. In it, there is an article by Debbi Crane called "It's a Grid!" about a (you guessed it) modular project using reversed canvas panels and the collaged detritus of everyday living. I like this idea; I wanted to adapt it to a classroom project, and the thought gestated throughout my early hours of sleep then birthed itself prior to dawn. I had a plan. I executed the plan during my classes today. It worked; I'll post a picture soon. Maybe tomorrow.
I'm also exploring encaustic because of the lush, rich surfaces it allows. I want to learn encaustic. I read about it this afternoon, and if I can find my ancient block of beeswax, I'll attempt it tomorrow too. Beeswax is sensual. Encaustic is sensual. I want to do multiple jewels of encaustic collage that offer glimpses of soulful truth. Hopefully I'll be able to find the inspiration to follow the medium.
And, last but not least, I have mounted all 8 (later tonight, 9) of my goat-themed bottle labels in 4X6 frames from the dollar store, as you see in tonight's illustration. I have been thinking about the comment made by the shopkeeper of "Cheese on Main" in Ocean Grove last summer; she was lamenting the scarcity of goat-art. Well, I found some. Modular goat art. Pop goat art. And each one came attached to some sort of tasty libation, saved over time. It doesn't get much better than that. AND...since I have been practicing moderation these days, I am still maintaining a slow and steady low-carb weight loss that just plain feels healthy. 18 pounds less unhealthy that a month ago. YAY me! Yay wine, and art, and pretty ephemera! Life is good. (I'll have to send some goaty art to that nice cheese lady sometime soon. I'll bet she'd love to meet Faith and the Girls!)

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