Saturday, December 26, 2009

Got Change?

Parents, how do you tell time? "When my daughter was 5...when my son was 12"...sound familiar? This was when my daughter was 5. I was 25. So many things have changed since then.
Change isn't always easy, and we don't always understand it. Our circumstances change, and we adjust. Our bodies change, but our souls remain the same. We learn from the changes we experience. Sometimes the changes come with tears. Often.
Then we find a new way.
We each have cycles of change. They're not necessarily in sync with our beloved's. We learn and grow. We learn to accept the fluid nature of our lives. Our babies grow up, and have changes of their own; our patterns change. We adapt. Some of us change more than others. Some of us don't tell each other that we've changed, and it remains a private matter. Some of us sing our changes out loud.
The one thing I know is this: we are here to learn. And change is a part of that. Love endures; love grows. We are each a work in progress, and change is the catalyst for growth. The part of us that remains constant is our integral nature, though even that is moulded, if ever so slightly, by the things we learn.
Change is good.
2008: Change can be beautiful.

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