Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lights in the Woods: December 20th

I have no pictures of the opening of Lights in the Woods, tonight. Couldn't find my camera. Let me just say this: draft horses pulling a long wagon in the moonlit snow are beautiful. The crescent moon was beautiful. I will be sure to take my camera next weekend.
Peter and Earl joined me for the first couple of hours, then left when it became obvious that there were more than enough volunteers. I stayed for the duration, and my lesson was this: no one deserves to be outdoors in temperatures below 20 when the wind is blowing, for any sustained amount of time. It hurts.
I suspect that Earl has just become a part of our family, in one way or another. I knew it when I saw the cat kissing him last night. Cats know. Goats know too...and he was a good helper in the barn tonight. Uncle Earl.

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