Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thumbs Up!

This is a great discovery.
No, not my thumb.  I discovered that a long time ago.  Vet Wrap.  Brilliant.

For anyone who has suffered the gross indignity of being confined by an increasingly disgusting cast or wrap, have I got a tip for you! While I was visiting the farm this morning, Miss Kim, the riding instructor took me under her wing.  I was complaining about my dirty, dingy wrapped splint, and a light went off in her eyes: Vet Wrap. OMG!

Not only is it water resistant, colorful (MANY colors to choose from) and inexpensive (mine was $2.25 a roll), it's CLEAN! Bonus!
What can I say? My farm friends rock.

Here are the labels, if you need to Google them.  Otherwise, find a farm supply store (equine section), and have a blast.  You can make your recuperation a fashion statement!

Thanks, Miss Kim!

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