Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gopi's Growing!

If you recall last August, I happened upon a blessed event just as it was occurring.  The date was August 29th, 2009; Our little calf's first birthday isn't even a month away!

Gopi's first steps, with a little help from her friends.

She was born at the far end of the field, on a rainy day. When peter and I arrived, Rebecca was with her, drying her off and calling Kathy. Momma Buttercup and the other two cows were in the field too.  As Buttercup tried to clean and nudge her baby the other two nosy sisters kept stepping in the way and knocking the poor tot back down again; long story short, we ended up carrying her back to the barn. Calves are heavy!  But oh, so adorable!

Buttercup's tears of joy.

Well, those baby days are long gone.  Here's our girl today, nearly as big as her sister, and twice as friendly.

Our little girl is growing up! Check out those pretty feet! 

Peter wanted me to include him for scale.  I think Gopi wants a ride!

Her name came from a raffle we held at the farm; being a non-profit, funds are always a challenge, so we held a "name our calf" contest.  The lucky winner chose the name "Gopi".  I have no idea of its origin or meaning, but I like it.

In another month or so, we should have a playmate or two for our little girl, who will then be a big sister/aunt. I hope I'm there when the new babies come! Our herd is growing! 

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