Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summertime, and the living is...queasy

Today is an auspicious day. It's the first time I'll be calling a vet to see Faith, my pretty nubian, and I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. Faith, as you can see, is gorgeous. She's a registered nubian doe, 2 years old, and the current non-human love of my life. She follows me like a dog, and calls me "maaaaam" in that distinctive nubian voice. And right now, she has her second case of the (ahem) trots this season.
A great way to begin a blog, you might be thinking. I'm thinking it, too. But, since I'm essentially talking to myself right now, as this is my first entry and as-yet unpublished, I'm being honest and sharing my thoughts.
I've been researching goat health, and know the usual list of suspects regarding ruminant health, and have decided that I need to pin down the particular culprit that's making my pretty girl feel bad, so I'm going to shell out the cash and hope for the best. There has been a rash of this sort of trouble everywhere this season, due to the wet spring (I'm told). Wish us luck!
While I'm there, I'll likely visit my garden, and I happen to know there's a nice cauliflower and a few heirloom squash with my name on them, so it'll be a veggie good dinner tonight.
I board Faith at a lovely farm in Coopersburg, called Flint Hill Farm. It's an Agricultural Education Center, a non-profit dedicated to "Feeding the Spirit, Educating the Mind, (and)Preserving the Community". You can see everything they (we) do at http://www.flinthill-farm.org/. I keep my larger garden there as well, though I still have a rather ambitious container garden thriving here in my little urban homestead. I'll talk about all of them, as the summer progresses. I hope you'll share your expertise with me, as well!

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