Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the Soaps: Yours Truly!

Artisanal Goat's Milk Soap
by Sandy and Stephanie
I'm a star. Well, the back of my head is; OK, they most likely deleted it, but I was taped briefly during my thwarted mission to pick up soap making supplies today.
First, the back-story; Stephanie S. and I have been making goat's milk soap. We need each other, because she has the technical savvy and I have the chutzpah to pour and mix lye. It's a soap-making match made in heaven! We enjoy each other's company, and bring out the creative best in each other (including the snappy pot-lucks we throw together for lunch afterward!) It's great fun, and we're using 1/3 of the proceeds to help support Flint Hill Farm, where my little goat-girl (Faith) lives with her merry band of does. They're a non-profit, so anyone interested in sampling their wares can also take a tax deduction! See the link at the right...please!
Stephanie and her handsome hubby are away this week, most likely hiking and geocaching between brew-pubs. A perfect vacation! Meanwhile, if fell upon me to replenish our supplies of oils while she was gone. The store, which has great prices and a great selection, is about 40 minutes from my home, though it's closer to the farm, so when I was done milking this morning, I went there, muddy and sweaty, but clutching cash in my hot little hands. To no avail, as it turns out.
As I entered the store, I encountered several rows of rapturous patrons watching a demonstration by a well-spoken, poised matron, who seemed to be making something from wax. I don't know; It looked like church to me, so I froze. I stopped dead in my tracks like a rabbit in the high beams, but still was scolded by a camera-wielding young woman who pointed at the OTHER camera that was pointing at the back of my head. I quickly ascertained that no palm oil or coconut oil would be forthcoming, and was escorted out the side door.
So there's my sad story. No soap today! But I WAS famous for a it's all good.

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