Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On a More Tasteful Note...

It looks like a ratatouille night! Life is good; I didn't expect to make such a haul from my garden today. Summer vegetables sauteed with a little local sausage will make a maaa-velous dinner. While I was waiting for the vet, I did a little walk-about and harvested an armload of dandelion (I roast the roots to make tea) and a pretty yarrow bouquet, as well. Faith had her checkup and will be fine with a little help from her friends (thanks, Dr. Reagan!). I'll be heading back over to the farm for an impromptu lamp working lesson for Kathy's granddaughter Aubrey and Rebecca before I milk tonight. I'm currently milking 15 does; Faith is done for the season. I love them all (even when they're mischievous!).

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