Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turn, Turn, Turn

Happy Sunday; we enjoyed one of our final convertible mornings today, as we left the Emmaus Farmers' Market.  The sun was bright, and the fall colors were stunning:

Fractal Vegetables
I couldn't help shooting a few pictures of the wonderful fresh foods I'll be missing soon.

From technicolor roots to deep green leaves, my body felt stronger just looking at them!  Some will surely go into our Thanksgiving meal, though we're not having a traditional one this year.
Those Greens...
Oh, Those Greens!
 There is light at the end of the (high) tunnel, though.  Kathy's greenhouse is up, and I have a book: The Winter Harvest Handbook, by Eliot Coleman.  If I can get someone to do some rototilling, we might just have some greens in January and February.  We'll see.

 In the mean time, Peter and I had some greens for lunch at the local Vietnamese place; the real reason I took this picture was because I was fascinated by the little altar inside the counter behind him.  There was an incense pot in front of three little Buddha-like figures.  I thought it might be rude to openly walk up to it and photograph it, but I'm intrigued, nonetheless.  We had spring rolls, chicken pad Thai, and hot and sour soup. Yum.

Then a short ride in the country: A hidden park on the hills behind Emmaus.

Delicate Pink Leaves

Winter is Approaching
 The sun was obscured by November clouds as we made our way home.  We'll spend the day quietly feathering our little nest; baking, reading, writing.  The dark months give is time to ponder, and prepare ourselves for a new year ahead. We slow down, tuck in, and dream.

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