Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Fall Mushroom Season: Retrospective

Giant Puffball

Chicken of the Woods (too woody)

Giant Puffball and Other Puffballs

Chicken of the Woods, Young

Young Chicken of the Woods, Cleaned

Oyster Mushrooms


Skullcap Puffball
Most of these yummy specimens, once sauteed, found their way into my freezer for future bliss, though I can honestly say I've had my share of them this month.  All are delicious, natural, and free.  All of them are good beginner mushrooms, as they have no scary look-alikes. NEVER EAT A MUSHROOM YOU CAN'T IDENTIFY PROPERLY!  I cross reference my field guides with extensive web searches before I attempt a nibble, and don't try anything that could look anything like a poisonous or questionable mushroom.  I'll admit to a few discards this season; live and learn!

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