Thursday, November 18, 2010


In a sudden surge of domesticity this afternoon, I decided to make some homemade pasta.  I've been craving parsley lately, and had (coincidentally) stumbled across a recipe for parsley noodles in this month's Herb Companion (vol. 23, no.2, Ogden publications).  All I can say is YUM.

I started with the recipe for Chicken and Parsley Noodle Soup on page 39.  I always try to keep a few chicken thighs in the freezer, and was able to find 4 thighs right away. I boiled them still frozen to make my broth while I harvested and cleaned my last remaining kale.

Everything had to go on hold while I went to my GYN for an ultrasound.  The good news is: I apparently don't have cancer.  Just another case I had let you in on the drama.  I'll still be around for awhile. And my shy right ovary made an appearance in the pictures today.  Don't ask.  I'm fine.

Anyway...when I returned, I finished the soup.  I substituted parsnips for carrots (I'm carrotless), and kale for spinach, but otherwise, I was right on.  The directions for the parsley noodles was easy to follow as well.  And may I say this:  FIND AND SAVE THIS RECIPE!!!!!  This is the best chicken noodle soup I've ever eaten.  My husband and close friend Kathy concur.

Of course, I had to stockpile more of those noodles while the parsley was available, so I whipped up a batch and tweaked it a bit.  I added a generous pinch of my dried shiitake powder, and doubled the parsley.  I cut the first two slabs into wide noodles and set them to dry, then made wild mushroom ravioli out of the last two slabs.  Here's the evidence:

Ravioli and Noodles
For the ravioli: make the parsley noodles according to the recipe, with a generous pinch of shiitake powder in the mix.  On the side, saute (in butter) a small handful of chicken of the woods mushrooms and a fair handful of oyster mushrooms with 1/2 minced onion and a handful of parsley. Add a large pinch of dried thyme.  Salt and pepper to taste. Spin in a food processor and chill before making the ravioli. 

I'm going to freeze mine.  I'll report back when I cook them. 

Life's good. I'm glad I'll be able to participate for awhile longer.

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