Monday, September 20, 2010

We Had a Visitor

First, let me sing the praises of Craig's List.  Yes, you heard me right.

Craig's List.  Where else do you go when you've found a beautiful, purebred cat who was obviously well cared for, begging for food in your near-inner city yard?

She was beautiful.  Scared.  Hungry.

She loved us.

We had food.

She Needed Food.
When we came home yesterday, we saw her skitter out from behind our freezer.  We didn't think much of it.  Kitties visit here; we're cat-friendly.

She Wanted Love.

This little girl faced her fears to ask for dinner.  Peter had been working late at the farm, literally mending fences.  I was cooking dinner inside.  He called me from the picnic table, afraid to move. "Bring food".  I did.  Kiwi ate and purred.  She trusted us, and loved us up.

I suspect there's some sort of Underground Cat Railroad symbol posted in the alley.  They come to us.  We help them find their way home, wherever that is.

Craig's List showed us who to call.  Kiwi's family missed her; her daughter-cat was crying, her five-year old human boy was sad, and she was a beautiful, lost , precious member of the family.  Peter suggested Craig's List.  Good thing.  These guys would have eaten her alive.

Hobie, Who Feels at Home Wherever He Lands.

Hobie is a big boy, but loves everyone.  He would have kissed her and cuddled with her.  But he has to answer to this bully:

This Guy is Trouble.

Gris Gris is a scrapper.  He defends his turf tooth and nail.  That poor little girl wouldn't have survived intact. Our last foster kittie, Moses, was terrorized daily until we found him a happy (spoiled rotten) home. Moishe now sups on lox at his nightly whim.  I should be so lucky.

So, happy homecoming, Kiwi.  And thank you, Kiwi's family.  We know she's well loved.

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