Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pawpaws on the Parkway

There aren't any.

At least, there aren't any in the area we walked today.  It's the Lehigh Parkway, on the shores of the Little Lehigh Creek, which feeds into the Lehigh River, which meets the Delaware River, which meets the ocean, which meets YOU.  Somehow.  But I digress.

There were other great things. Plants, critters, art, architecture, scenery. You get the drift. Goof stuff.

There were Big Pine Trees

Cool Hex Signs (Love Birds!)

Juniper (I think?) Trees

Burdock (Everywhere); as well as ubiquitous Acorns, Plantain, Sumac and Walnuts.

A Covered Bridge with a Handsome Bald-Headed Guy Standing Sentry

Light to Walk Through in the Covered Bridge

Covered Bridges are Cool, Right?

Beautiful Old Houses

Beautiful Old Spring Houses


Vistas with Weeping Willows

Some Sort of Red Elderberry that is Much Taller than the One We Eat.
And Therefor Scary.

Another Bridge

Curly Dock with Seeds

Grow Zones (YAY!)

And Cat Tails.
But no paw paws. Dang.  :).  We are blessed.


  1. Sandy, the next time you take this walk give me a heads up. You could have come for dinner and a garden tour. Really. I'm very close to that bridge.

  2. Kate, I live five minutes from you then. Small world. We should get together.