Saturday, February 18, 2012

Independence Day Update #3

I wrote this a few days ago, and forgot about it.  That's how my life is going these days.  An update will follow...

Plant something:
   I did it, and I'm loving the tiny green nodules of life: mesclun,carrots (two varieties), and green onions, all perking their tiny nodding heads above the soil that was still a week ago.  And once again, as always in February, I'm inspired to put seed to earth and get 'er growing, far before it's feasable.
   How incongruous it is, that life goes on...

Harvest something:
    White pine for tea and balsamic vinegar.  You absolutely must explore the benefits of pine needles.  I never knew how rich they are in vitamin C...everyhting we need is in our environment, if only we'd listen.

Preserve something:
     I'm working on preserving my sanity this week.  That's all I've got.  Peter's traveling cross country, mom's moving in, my room's being changed at school. and an old friend has resurfaced and needs me.  That's plenty.  Besides, my freezer is full, and spring is on the way, I'm fatter than I've ever been, and food isn't as important as other aspects of life right now.  Really.  I'm lucky, I know. But I still need my sanity.

Waste not:
      I'm having trouble with this one this week.  I have been taking my school-day meals from the freezer: leftovers in lunch-sized portions, breakfast stratas from stale bread and frozen treasures.  Those things do utilize the great organic foods I have preserved in my freezer...essentially for free, since many are foraged.  But  here's the main issue: my personal green-shabby-chic, wabi-sabi aesthetic has been dissed by my one and only, all psychically powerful mother.  I'm 54, and still filled with adolescent angst.  I want to make her happy, so the things I've chosen will have to go...and that's ok.  What to do with my sweet, colorful, gyspy furniture?

Want Not:
      I gave away the last of my awesome home remedy, elderberry tonic.  My friend was in need.  I hope she actually used it, as it's gold to me (those elderberries were scarce last year). At any rate, I pulled my last bag of them from the freezer and added some elderberry flower, honey, and gin to the mix, for a new batch of tonic.  That'll have to hold me until I can harvest again, in the summer.  I hope we have a better year.

Eat the Food:
    My stockpile of frozen and dried wild mushrooms is neverending this year.  If you're local, let me know.  I have enough for everyone.

Build community food systems:
    I was a slacker here this week.  I did share a home made ham, cabbage and noodle dinner with friends last weekend, but I've been so busy and insulated lately that I haven't really interacted with people much this week.  I bought seeds for my community garden plot, though.  Does that count? 

Skill up:
     Hmmm...does intergenerational communication remediation work here?  If so, I'm golden...


  1. I'm much more pleased to have read it today......!

    Am co-something with another person at work, setting up community gardens in our town.
    (Project: GREEN on Facebook if you want to peek)
    This post made me get excited for Spring!

    1. Thanks, Mimi! I'm excited for spring too.

  2. Some days the sanity is hard to preserve. Good luck with bringing Mom into your home. :-)

  3. Thank you, Teresa. It's a big change for her, too.