Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As some of you know, I refrain from blogging about my teaching experiences.  I've been having lots of them lately; mostly good, some not so good (due to the tension caused by budget cuts).  Right now, the good outweigh the stressful, so I'm living on that, day-to-day.  Just understand: if I'm not writing, I'm wrapped up in either my teaching, or my grad class ( "Intro. to Research", which has been awesome, by the way!).  I expect my schedule to ease up shortly.  I'll be back!


  1. Ack! I know that feeling!
    I have made so many wonderful blog sisters and I always feel as though I haven't the time to keep up with everyone.

    Have a wonderful Spring!

  2. Thanks, Mimi! You too! Tomorrow will be a sad day, though. The little bucks will be leaving the farm. I feel like smearing lamb's blood on the doorways...but then there's the whole lamb's blood thing...anyway, Passover isn't passing over the little bucklings tomorrow. Sooooo sad. My little Nubian guy stays (as he'll be a fresh bloodline), and I talked Kathy into keeping another one to wether as a companion for him as he grows up, so the big boys don't hurt him, and he won't have to be alone. WAHHHHHHHHH!!!! :(

  3. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. 19 little bucks left this morning. I bottle fed them all before they went. My heart's breaking. I'm glad my student was there with me; it made me stronger, for him.