Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let's Talk

I'm deep in the throes of a research paper, and haven't surfaced for days.  Here's what I'm thinking about:

          “Let's offer what we have, Let's (sic) not tolerate any barrier against our influence. Let's not erect any fence around any other influence. We know what we have to offer. We don't know what others have to give us. Some of it is certain to be good. Let's trade thoughts, methods and people.

The challenge is worthy of American energy. We might even succeed a little sooner, a little betters (sic), than we should expect. We might suffer set-backs, but we should never give up trying. Thus, and thus only, we shall win the last war, on the last battle ground, for the brotherhood of man.” Pierre Bourdelle (my father-in-law).

What a brilliant man he was.

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  1. Thank you Sandy for awakening new interest in the still-timely writings of my father, Pierre Bourdelle (4/21/01-7/5/66) PeteB