Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall at the Farm

This was my second Fall Open House at the Farm since I've been there.  It's been a good two years for me.  I've milked dozens of goats, birthed dozens of goat kids and two calves, and experienced so many peak moments of both joy and grief in life's inevitable dramas that reading about it (via John Dewey, on "Esthetic Experience") seems dry to me.
There's nothing like farm life to put you in the moment.
Remember Be Here Now?  I do.
I have lived intensely, these two years. 
I'm grateful for that.
For the calf that took her first breath from me, through my lips, fresh born into my lap.
For the goat kid that was born alive after her twin's still birth, and the mother that survived it all; her pain was my pain, as I held her unborn kid's legs in my hands and later held her head during a hard delivery, and then, joyfully, her live, perfect baby shortly after.
For the two kids born two days after their older sister, and their mother that miraculously held her colostrum for them after giving a day's portion to her first baby
Miracles.  Every day.
For the prayers that are answered on faith,
and for the many caring, giving people I've met at the farm.
On our Open House days, we celebrate!  We celebrate life.
We celebrate:

Teenagers who volunteer for camp, and (this weekend) pony rides!
Volunteers who brought pumpkins, and tended the horses and other livestock.

The new friends who visited today, and who helped support our vision of agricultural education.
Miss Kathy, whose insights and determination are the heart of Flint Hill.

The fruits of our labors; Eric and Kathy's cheese, our hens'eggs, our bees' honey, and the artisans who keep us in their plans.

The Godfrey Daniels musicians, who generously contribute their talents and time to our fundraising events.

And to everyone who contributes in one way or another to make this dream a reality.
I've been contemplating my future lately.  Studying the philosophy of art education (and art, my life apart from the farm), and facing my own aging process and the challenges it brings makes me realize how immediate and vital this sort of experience is for all of us.
I'm so grateful.
I'm so blessed.

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