Saturday, October 9, 2010

Big Mushrooms, Big Goats, Big Week

It's been a week of epic proportions.
It's "Date Week" at the farm; George and Herve are enjoying the company of their many gorgeous goaty girlfriends, and doing their best to provide us with an exciting and prolific April. In typical buck manner, there's been a lot of posturing, prancing and blubbering going on.  Herve seems to think that sticking his tongue out makes him particularly attractive to the ladies; that, and peeing on his beard, of course. What a guy.
The Girls Love Me.
Unfortunately, the boys are also a little extra frisky this week.  Poor George somehow knocked off one of his horns, and had to be seen by the vet yesterday evening, as he was bleeding profusely.  He didn't let it keep him from his ladies, though!  He's much better today.

Hey, Come Back!
I have a few more "intimate" pictures, but Herve told me that some things just needed to remain private. He's a happy boy this week. I suspect he'll need a long nap tonight; he's been busy.

Our girl Faith has been visiting her beau back at the farm where she was born.  We're aiming for a registered nubian kid from her this year; I can't wait to see it (or them)!  But I really miss her each night at Flint Hill!  She hopped right into the back crew seat of the pickup truck for the ride over.  I wasn't able to get pictures, but I will when she comes home.
On the home front, it's apparently "mushroom week". I've been encountering all sorts of BIG specimens this week.

This Whopper was the Largest: a Giant Puffball, Nearly 12"Across.
The secret to this one was to tear it into thicker chunks, then saute it before freezing.  It's so soft it condenses considerably...but oh so good!  All of the puffballs can be used like tofu; they take on the flavor of the seasonings you use.  So far, my favorite has been a combination of sesame oil and soy sauce. though the pieces I added to our shrimp bisque yesterday were pretty darn good, too.
Chicken of the Woods: Big and Nasty
This Chicken of The Woods was a nice surprise, though we didn't eat it.  It was hard and quite buggy.  But it was good to identify it!  It's been an interesting autumn so far; school is in full swing, my grad course is exciting, and I'm learning about new and easily identifiable mushrooms.  Life's good!

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